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100 Beautiful Things: A web series for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Earlier this year the V&A Waterfront, in partnership with Platform Creative Agency, launched an initiative that celebrated the creativity and ingenuity of the makers behind some of South Africa’s most inspiring projects, products, ideas and experiences.

The initiative featured 100 Beautiful Things over 100 days. Spread across five themes – Designing with Compassion, Sustainable Design, Future Thinking, South African Essence and Simply Beautiful – the 100 Beautiful Things ranged from fashion and furniture pieces to social and environmental projects, food initiatives, medical and technological innovation, virtual platforms and travel or entertainment experiences.

This good-news initiative launched at a time when South Africans were under strict lockdown regulations, as a result of COVID 19. The goal of this campaign was to inspire positivity, as well as to support and elevate some of the incredible enterprises and creative projects being impacted by the pandemic.

As an extension of this project the V&A Waterfront rolled out a webinar series. Each webinar was based around one of the featured themes of the campaign and covered the following topics:

  • Designing with Compassion: How commercial success and empathy can work together

  • Sustainability: Designing for a better world

  • Future Thinking: The evolution of the food industry

  • South African Essence: The power of local creativity

  • Simply Beautiful: The art of collaboration

In addition to the above themes there was also a special edition webinar which was hosted in celebration of Youth Monday, titled The Voice of Emerging Creatives.

The hope was that by hosting these webinars the V&A Waterfront could provide some useful guidance and inspiration for small businesses and entrepreneurs during tough economic times.

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