Photographer | Kempton Park

Theme: 16 Days, 16 Voices 


John Baloyi, 27, is an analog photographer whose portraiture of young black South Africans is an intentional effort to portray them as works of art. Baloyi made the conscious decision to begin creating fine art photography after struggling to express himself in the commercial space. “I truly believe that I have the ability to communicate visually. Even though a lot of my work is ‘abstract’ or ‘avant-garde’ — it still feels familiar to my audience because of the authentic nature of how it’s made and presented,” Baloyi says of his creative process.

While his journey into fine art photography is only three years in, Baloyi has worked with a range of brands including PUMA, Afropunk and Bisquit. In January, Baloyi’s work was showcased as part of the Abantu exhibition at the Dyman Gallery in Stellenbosch.

John Baloyi is one of 16 emerging young artists we are profiling this month. In keeping with the essence of the 100 Beautiful things initiative and honouring South Africa’s youth, we are devoting the next 16 days to 16 beautiful things created by 16 young creatives who will share their stories.

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