35 | Visual Artist & Culture Curator | Durban

Theme: 16 Days, 16 Voices 

In his position as both an artist and co-curator of #16Voices, Jamal Nxedlana uses his craft to better understand himself and the changing world around him.

Born in Durban, the Johannesburg-based artist uses Afrorealism to explore issues of identity, the modern world, pop culture in the modern world as well as himself. His work, inspired by the artist’s own gender, sexuality and lived experiences, allows him to express himself in a way that only he can. “My unique voice is a product of my experiences and
[that] influence comes through in my work. Sometimes in ways that I am aware of and, at times, in ways that I am not aware of”, Nxedlana explains. “Without visual expression I would be less in tune with myself.”

Apart from working as a photographer and creative director, Jamal is also the founder of the digital pop culture curation platform, Bubblegum Club. His work has also been featured in ‘The New Black Vanguard’, a book and exhibition addressing the radical transformation taking place in the fashion and art industry today. He is also a member of the CUSS
Group — a Johannesburg artist collective whose work explores the hybrid culture of post-post-colonial South Africa.

Jamal Nxedlana is the last of the 16 emerging young artists we are profiling this month. In keeping with the essence of the 100 Beautiful Things initiative and honouring South Africa’s youth, we are devoting 16 days to 16 beautiful things created by 16 young creatives who will share their stories.

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