Theme: Sustainable Design

The Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden outside Stellenbosch has become a not-to-be-missed Cape experience. Its mountainous backdrop, indigenous landscaped gardens and pools of water are as much part of the treasure as the gargantuan bronze artworks spread throughout the expanse, sculpted by world-renowned artist Dylan Lewis. So, when wanting to build a pavilion on this property, to host exhibitions and events, it was tantamount that it be created in a way that echoes the natural sentiment of the environment.

“The idea was to create an architecture that seamlessly connected with Dylan’s art,” says architect Enrico Daffonchio who employed rusted COR-TEN steel as a predominant material so that the texture of the structure blends in to the natural environment. “We took the essence of certain shapes that occur in his art and in nature, and reduced them to their very basics.” This meant reflecting the sensuous curves present in Lewis’s work – most popularly the feline form – through a curved building held up by structural beams. “It’s a representation of the engineering forces of nature,” says Daffonchio of the Untamed Pavilion that incorporates both a closed room and a spacious platform overlooking the majestic garden. “There’s a deep connection between the lines of the building, the trees, rocks, mountain, bushes and sculptures – they all have the same underlying discourse.”

Serviced by solar power and borehole water, it also limits its impact on the land. Says Daffonchio, “The pavilion connects visitors to the concept of wildness and nature.”

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