100 Beautiful Experiences

With the Watershed open again, we’re thrilled to have its myriad offerings available for all to enjoy.

64. The new BEAUTY section at the Watershed is something we can truly be proud of as South Africans, as each and every brand featured here is an independent local producer. There’s the traditional Ghanaian black soap made locally by Kafui Naturals, Skoon’s non-toxic skincare range, cold-pressed argan oil from O’live, Ubuntu’s traditional balms and much, much more. Tag the other brands you love in this new hotspot.

65. Those in the know have discovered that working from the top-storey area alongside Workshop17 is one of the best ways to be productive. The co-working environment provides stimulating chatter, but there are enough alternative seating options to find quiet focus. Charging stations mean your laptop always has juice, and there’s a fresh juice bar and café for humans too.

66. Wellness at Watershed is a welcome opportunity to chill out for a moment between shopping to enjoy one of the many types of treatments for rest, rejuvenation or healing. Opt for Bioptron light therapy, a Swedish full-body massage, reflexology, shiatsu, or pressure-point massage while seated on a chair.

67. Gift shopping is really made easy at the Watershed, because there’s something for every age and interest. From kids’ wooden toys and fabric kitchen-bowl covers, to basketware and pottery, the locally designed and made products all housed under one roof make for a fun shopping spree.

68. Grab an infusion from Enmasse Tea Merchants and sit on either of the two wide staircases alongside the gigantic Colour Extravaganza chandeliers made from repurposed plastic waste by Our Workshop. There’s often a musician playing tunes here, so it’s the perfect spot from which to pleasantly catch up on emails thanks to the free WiFi.

Photos by V&A Waterfront and Yonela Makoba 

After the success of 100 Beautiful Things, where we celebrated creativity, compassion, ingenuity and resilience, through projects, products, ideas and experiences from around the country, we’re bringing this idea of celebration closer to home. Through 100 Beautiful Experiences, we’ll be looking at incredible moments and delights that are available right on our doorstep. Photographed and illustrated by a group of young South African talents, many of our experiences are unique to our hood and can be found nowhere else on the planet!

Every visit to the V&A Waterfront is an opportunity to discover a different part of the city, learn about our heritage, source the best products, dine on the most exquisite fare and connect with friends and family in a safe and happy environment. While we’re only sharing 100 Beautiful Experiences with you, we know you’ll find many more each time you visit, and look forward to hearing of your experiences too.