100 Beautiful Experiences

Release your inner child and go for a spin in one of the super-fun Thomas Heatherwick-designed chairs placed outside the Zeitz MOCAA, a building also reimagined by the famous British architect. 

These red and black spinning seats turn convention on its head and have many people walking around them very puzzled before taking the plunge to try them out.

Named the Spun Chair, these seats were designed by Heatherwick Studio in 2007 as an exploration to see whether the process of metal spinning could be used to create something to sit on. They wanted it to function as a chair whichever way it was rotated. It worked, and was then manufactured in moulded polypropylene, with the fine ridges you see on our chairs here – like the round grooves on a vinyl record. This feat of geometry is equally impressive ergonomically, and you’ll be surprised by the level of comfort as you turn on the spot.

Go on, give it a spin.

PS. If all the chairs are occupied, walk around the corner to The Yard, where you’ll find more of these spinning-top chairs.

Photos and video by Arehone Malovhele @by.areh

After the success of 100 Beautiful Things, where we celebrated creativity, compassion, ingenuity and resilience, through projects, products, ideas and experiences from around the country, we’re bringing this idea of celebration closer to home. Through 100 Beautiful Experiences, we’ll be looking at incredible moments and delights that are available right on our doorstep. Photographed and illustrated by a group of young South African talents, many of our experiences are unique to our hood and can be found nowhere else on the planet!

Every visit to the V&A Waterfront is an opportunity to discover a different part of the city, learn about our heritage, source the best products, dine on the most exquisite fare and connect with friends and family in a safe and happy environment. While we’re only sharing 100 Beautiful Experiences with you, we know you’ll find many more each time you visit, and look forward to hearing of your experiences too.