100 Beautiful Experiences

Because our neighbourhood is so vast and full of great things to explore, we’ve created opportune spaces in which to chill out for a while. Sit down, relax your feet and enjoy the people-watching opportunity before continuing your walking journey.

38. Grab a wrap and cappuccino from Vagabond and plonk yourself on the Silo District staircase leading down from the eatery to the Zeitz MOCAA. If you’re lucky, you’ll secure one of the cleverly inserted wooden seats with comfy back rest from which to savour the epic silo views.

39. Between Life Grand Café and the new swing bridge is a concrete staircase made for rest, with benches and chairs with sun covers incorporated in the layout. Even the trees are planted in colourful pallet boxes with seats attached. This is a great spot from which to catch boats taking off.

40. For a really private zone of calm, head behind the One&Only, where you can sit at little wooden tables alongside the canal, surrounded by exotic flora such as cycads, palm trees, frangipani and strelitzias. You’ll feel worlds away from the activities of the rest of our hood.

41. The back length of the Alfred Mall, between the food market and Den Anker, is dotted with benches on which to park off and take in the majestic Table Mountain view. There’s even a nifty area where you can charge your phone while accessing free WiFi.

42. Besides the benches spread across the canal district, you can seat yourself on the extra-wide, extra-height stairs overlooking the still waters, cocooned by Waterway House and the elevated Battery Park. Grab a snack from Balmoral Café and watch stand-up paddle boarders float by.

43. The amphitheatre is perfectly positioned alongside our food court so that you can relax here with your lunch, using the downtime opportunity to catch your breath for round two of shopping. If the big screen entertainment doesn’t grab your attention, the buskers’ music definitely will.

Photos by Estee de Villiers @esteexshoots

After the success of 100 Beautiful Things, where we celebrated creativity, compassion, ingenuity and resilience, through projects, products, ideas and experiences from around the country, we’re bringing this idea of celebration closer to home. Through 100 Beautiful Experiences, we’ll be looking at incredible moments and delights that are available right on our doorstep. Photographed and illustrated by a group of young South African talents, many of our experiences are unique to our hood and can be found nowhere else on the planet!

Every visit to the V&A Waterfront is an opportunity to discover a different part of the city, learn about our heritage, source the best products, dine on the most exquisite fare and connect with friends and family in a safe and happy environment. While we’re only sharing 100 Beautiful Experiences with you, we know you’ll find many more each time you visit, and look forward to hearing of your experiences too.