Theme: Simply Beautiful

There is a real joy in watching a talent as pure and raw as that of Lezanne Viviers unfold. With an unerring eye, a quest for quality and sustainability and the ability to surprise and delight at every turn, this young fashion designer is undoubtedly set to define the local scene.

Viviers launched her eponymously named brand last year, creating limited-edition concept clothing that can be made to measure. “Beauty forms part of my list of basic human needs,” says the designer. “It is the ultimate conveyor of hope, optimism and comfort.” That said, for Viviers, design is about so much more than just aesthetics. “I care for the process of design, for the approach, the problem-solving and the love and time that goes into the creation,” she says. “The human that creates an item is intrinsic to the end product.”

When asked about her constant source of creativity, Viviers speculates that ideas are seeded around us. “All they need is for someone to notice them and water them,” she says. “I believe every thought is an idea and that positive thoughts attract positive ideas.”

In the same vein, Viviers believes kindred spirits attract one another, and she loves to work with passionate co-creatives, particularly on her campaigns, which, while being a manifestation of her collections, often hold a new “spice and flavour” that the team involved in the shoot, brings to the images.

Design is simply a part of who Viviers is, and she hopes to pass this conviction on to her creations and, ultimately, her clients. “Integrity is something one feels, it is the reason you do not dispose of something, it is the heart, it is the spirit.”

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