24 | Photographer | Cape Town

Theme: 16 Days, 16 Voices

Haneem Christian is a photographer who uses analogue film photography to bridge worlds that are usually kept apart. The 24-year-old Capetonian’s work documents and celebrates a plethora of diverse cultures in the city — from Cape Flats hip-hop to the LGBTQIA+ and Rastafari communities.

“In a world where queer-identifying people of colour like me very rarely attain true freedom, photography allows me to create a world within this world through my lens,” she explains. “I intentionally use my voice and my lens to tell the Stories of those who have been written out of history.”

Christian’s chosen medium allows her to create safe, free and validating spaces for people of colour as well as the LGBTQIA+ communities. Her message to the youth is: never allow fear to restrict your spirit’s journey. Haneem Christian is the first of sixteen emerging young artists we are profiling this June. In keeping with the essence of the 100 Beautiful Things initiative and honouring South Africa’s youth, we are devoting the next 16 days to the voices of 16 cutting-edge young creators who will share their stories across our platforms.