Theme: South African Essence

Bee Diamondhead is a name synonymous with fashion and a unique sense of style. The Bulawayo-born fashion stylist and creative director, who resides in Joburg, has worked on advertising campaigns for brands such as Nike, Asics, Converse and Adidas, bringing a deep love of African narratives, and concepts of movement and urbanisation to her work. But it’s when she allows herself free reign in her own passion projects that her true magic shines.

Once the fashion editor at Marie Claire and the creative director at Legit, Bee’s personal test-shoot ideas come to her through her dreams. “I'll see someone I know in my dream and it will turn into a fashion image which I have to bring to life,” she explains, saying that “home” and what that means to her as an African always adds an additional layer of inspiration.

“I'm very conscious of how black people are depicted. I create for us. Having fallen into the fashion industry, most of what I've studied has been through a white gaze and it's been strange for me to exist in that space and not see my face or the faces of men and women who raised and inspired me. Black people in fashion have often been depicted in the background, as an afterthought or as a political statement. Maybe the way I do fashion is a statement in itself because of how I want us to exist and be in this fashion world that has become my life.”

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