100 Beautiful Experiences

Yip, that’s right, we offer FREE entertainment every day of the week.

72. The amphitheatre outside our Food Court is always a hive of activity. Tap your feet to a saxophonist, drummer or guitarist, or sing along to one of SA’s top vocal stars.

73. Watch out for Zakhele Popo. He’s so well disguised as a bronze statue that you might think he’s been here for decades. It’s always fun watching people’s reactions when he moves an inch and they realise he’s a mime.

74. We have the finest portrait artists in the city, stationed near the Cape Wheel: Congolese artist Jedaja Ikoli has been with us since the 2010 World Cup, capturing the portraits of people from around the world. Predominantly working in charcoal, he sometimes does caricatures when requested. “But I prefer to keep it real,” he says. For 20 years, Don Hartley has been part of our artistic family, drawing the people sitting in front of him – first in pencil and then smudging in charcoal or pastel. “I start gesturally, but there’s no formula,” he says. “It’s about how you relate to the sitter.” Lerato Eric Nomyayi works in pencil, and has been drawing portraits since school. Many people come to him with photos to work from. “They like to surprise their loved ones with this gift,” he says.

75. Maxine Fitz-Patrick is one of many talented local musicians who perform at our busker stop. Only one year out of school, she’s gathering a fanbase of indie/folk lovers.

76. Good Night Fridays returns this week. Our monthly line-up of feel-good entertainment will be streamed for free online on Friday from 7-8pm on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. The concert includes Zolani Mahola, Alistair Izobell and Leah, and will be hosted by comedian Loyiso Madinga. You’re in for a treat!

Illustration by Phathu Nembilwi @phathudesigns_illustrations

Photos by Estee de Villiers @esteexshoots

After the success of 100 Beautiful Things, where we celebrated creativity, compassion, ingenuity and resilience, through projects, products, ideas and experiences from around the country, we’re bringing this idea of celebration closer to home. Through 100 Beautiful Experiences, we’ll be looking at incredible moments and delights that are available right on our doorstep. Photographed and illustrated by a group of young South African talents, many of our experiences are unique to our hood and can be found nowhere else on the planet!

Every visit to the V&A Waterfront is an opportunity to discover a different part of the city, learn about our heritage, source the best products, dine on the most exquisite fare and connect with friends and family in a safe and happy environment. While we’re only sharing 100 Beautiful Experiences with you, we know you’ll find many more each time you visit, and look forward to hearing of your experiences too.