Having only 100 Beautiful Things just wasn’t enough for us. We’ve got an exciting announcement for number 101. This additional Beautiful Thing is extra special because it encompasses all of the themes we have been covering over the past four-and-a-half months in 100 Beautiful Things: Designing with Compassion, Future Thinking, Sustainable Design, South African Essence and Simply Beautiful. This all-in-one addition to our neighbourhood is something special to look forward to.

The Cape Town Cruise Terminal’s departures hall was originally a 1920s fruit warehouse and in the coming months it will become home to a new project, Makers Landing, which reintroduces the concept of food to this historic harbour building. This food hub and vibrant incubator space for food-focused entrepreneurs, producers and small-scale makers is an initiative of the V&A Waterfront, in partnership with the National Treasury Jobs Fund, and will offer rental support and funding for infrastructure and fit-out for eligible applicants.

“This will be a place where people can meet, eat, drink, shop and work, as well as a platform where foodpreneurs can innovate, learn and grow their businesses within a local food community,” explains Tinyiko Mageza, Executive Manager: Marketing at the V&A Waterfront.

Curated by a panel of food experts from different cultural backgrounds, led by Hannerie Visser of Studio H and Andy Fenner of Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants, Makers Landing (opening in December) will include a kitchen incubator, studio and event space, as well as a makers’ space for artisans such as a baker, butcher, cheese-maker and fishmonger. Various market stalls, co-op eateries and restaurants will make it an exciting place from which to source ingredients or grab a bite to eat. That it will be an inclusive space for everyone – from harbour workers to visiting cruisers – with a sincere focus on affordability, will make it even more of a dynamic place in which to connect over an authentic South African meal, be it morogo or bunny chow.

“Beyond showcasing South Africa’s incredible diversity of cultural dishes and foods, we also see Makers Landing as a catalyst for creating employment, transferring skills through our planned incubator programme and nurturing and growing SMMEs. Small start-ups and suppliers of food will work alongside experienced players, and in this way, they will gain first-hand knowledge from watching and learning from them,” says V&A Waterfront CEO David Green.

Foodpreneurs from all walks of life who are interested in being tenants can apply on the V&A website. 

100 Beautiful Things is presented by the V&A Waterfront in celebration of South Africa’s creativity, compassion, ingenuity and resilience. Every week we will be showcasing five amazingly beautiful creative things that make us proud. It is curated in partnership with Platform Creative.