Theme: Simply Beautiful

Although Bofred furniture designers Carla Erasmus and Christa Botha live on different continents, they’ve managed to launch a new collection of pieces so impeccable that one would never guess the miles between the team. “Because we work from a distance, we actually have more creative interactions,” says Erasmus, who is based in Cape Town (where all the pieces are produced) but grew up in KwaZulu-Natal. Botha, who has been living in Muscat, Oman for two years, constantly shares photographs of her new city, while Erasmus is forever capturing moments during regular Durban holidays. The business partners began seeing similarities between the two cities in the architecture, landscape and colour palette – a cue from which to draw inspiration for Bofred’s BASK collection.

“Muscat and Durban are both at the ocean, they’re tropical, with a similar climate. There are a lot of subtleties that tie them together,” says Botha. The Dome pendant light references the architecture of a Muscat mosque. “It’s also the shape found on the Durban City Hall,” Erasmus explains. The Wadi side table, in travertine and sandstone, calls to mind Oman’s famous canyons.

Says Erasmus, “Most of our things, we design as artworks – they’re sculptures – but you can turn them on, or sit on them or put a book on them. Sometimes we don’t even know if it’s furniture, but is has function.” This is true for Bahla, a piece made of solid ash, which Erasmus describes as “a big, chunky, sculptural object that we call a chair”. Its form was inspired by the pottery found in Oman’s World Heritage town of Bahla. “But,” says Erasmus, “rather than making a small ceramic vase, we created a functional object and statement piece.”

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