Theme: Simply Beautiful

FIELDS, at Cape Town’s Old Biscuit Mill, is where men find superior-quality clothing. Trousers, knitwear, shirts and more, made from sustainably sourced natural fibres from Southern Africa, encompass this responsible menswear brand.

Seasonal collaborations with artists are the cherry on top. FIELDS founder Mikael Hanan selects two African artists every season and invites them to create an artwork that can be translated into products such as tote bags, jerseys and the lining of jackets. “Wearing art is different to seeing art on a wall or as a static sculpture,” says Hanan. “When you wear something, it becomes 3D, and this allows people to enjoy the art that they love in a different way – on a quality garment that’s well-designed and relevant to today’s style.”

The first collection had Michael Chandler’s blue ink illustrate a scene of urban and natural landscapes united by a bridge. That same season employed the artistry of Themba Khumalo, whose drawings of electricity poles and cranes contort themselves to a closer connection, referencing the brand’s seasonal theme, Reaching Out. The most recent collaborations, by Kim van Vuuren and Lebohang Kganye, talk to the theme of Building Connections. Van Vuuren’s vibrant pattern play celebrates nature and dream spaces, where silence and strength exist in symmetry. Kganye used imagery from family photo albums to denote the relationship between memory and fantasy.

“Each artwork is applied very specifically,” says Hanan of the careful consideration taken to respect the art. “It’s not just a step-and-repeat pattern. Whether we weave or knit, the artwork integrity is maintained.”

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