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Joy from Africa to the World 

Joy from Africa to the World is a celebration of light and hope through locally made and sustainably produced installations that speak to the power of community, co-creation and sustainability, and are filled with stories of meaning, purpose and pride.


By collaborating with local designers, makers and the everyday people of Cape Town who joined in our public workshops, we have created decorations imbued with the skills of weaving, beading, welding, drawing, repurposing and so much more. This is an authentic celebration of African creativity, fuelled by local communities and underpinned by the V&A Waterfront’s commitment to people and our planet.

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A Note from David

“In a commitment to operate our business consciously, our festive season decorations have been driven by sustainable practices, with community playing a major role in these installations. Because you are like family to us, we wanted to create an experience that would make you feel at home, surrounded by decorations made by people in your communities – whether from Langa, Zimbabwe, DuNoon, KwaZulu-Natal or Sea Point.


Please join us in this celebration of light and hope as you wander past the festive installations spread across our neighbourhood. And then spread this joy from Africa with the rest of the world.”


David Green

CEO, V&A Waterfront